Optimize registration channels

Make the registration process effortless is just the start. We offer multiple channels: EasyReg App, Web Form, Wechat and API.

Warranty management

Maximize business efficiency, your team can access product owners database, registration management, serial numbers database, service management, customer support messaging and analytics and reporting in the portal.

the next level: customer experience

Your post-purchase support may be established, But how to bring it to the next level? The EasyReg App (Like Apple Support) brings all your supports to your customers’ fingertips. 


Absolutely Not. We Will Not Share Your Proprietary Information Without Your Permission.

Your proprietary information will be stored on the best-in-class cloud storage provider. They also serve 3M, Coca-Cola, Xbox, Tencent, Uber And many more.

EasyReg strives to accelerate the product ownerships networks in 360. From multiple channel product registration, owners database management to unleash their lifetime value. We see ourselves as the best friend of your sophisticated CRM system.